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welcome to

About is a small community providing various self-managed, on-site hosted resources for its community members

The Lounge

Communication Services

The Lounge is a web based IRC client which supports multiple networks. Currently, is running a stock The Lounge instance based on their official Docker image.  The Lounge is integrated into our LDAP server, so you can sign in directly using your SSO ...


Developer Services

Gitea is a project forge providing Git hosting, issue tracking, a per-project wiki, and much more. Gitea is integrated into's LDAP server, so you can sign in directly using your SSO credentials.


Developer Services

Glitchtip provides error tracking (using a API), application performance monitoring and has an integrated uptime monitor. Glitchtip is integrated into our SSO; sign in via Gitea using your SSO credentials.

SSO Methods


Documentation on the different available authentication methods and which apps use what. LDAP The Lounge Gitea (Supports admin sync™) SAML2 Bookstack ( OAuth2/OIDC GoToSocial (WIP) Outline Proxy Other Glitchtip (OIDC proxied vi...



Outline is a personal (and team!) knowledgebase, supporting collaborative editing, nested documents and team-based ACLs. Outline uses SSO, so you can sign in with your SSO credentials using "Continue with OpenID."



n8n is a workflow automation tool, similar to IFTTT.  n8n only supports its own authentication; contact alyx for access.


Developer Services

Meli serves static sites and handles domain management for them. Meli is integrated into our SSO; sign in via Gitea using your SSO credentials.